BillTracker – Never lose track of a bill
We all have bills to pay. From the water bill to the car payment to the cell phone subscription, BillTracker can help you manage it all. Featuring a well designed user interface and an advanced internal database, BillTracker combines power with ease of use.
Features of BillTracker:
  • Track information about each bill including due date, amount due, whether the bill has been paid, confirmation numbers for payments and more
  • Due Date Reminders: BillTracker alerts you when a bill is due soon or past due and highlights those bills in the list so you won't forget.
    On iOS 5 Reminders are fully supported by Notification Center
  • Calendar view lets you quickly see when bills are due
  • Upcoming view shows you bills due in the next 30 days
  • Easily create recurring bills
  • Track account information including account numbers, websites, and phone numbers
  • Protect your data with a passcode
  • See complete history for each account: every bill and payment!
  • Use the currency format of your choice
  • Built-in backup and restore (More Info)
DebtTracker Pro – Take control of your debt
Major update coming soon! DebtTracker helps you stay on top of your finances by providing a simple interface to keep track of your debt. DebtTracker can even calculate a payoff plan for your debt using the popular debt snowball strategy (or you can customize your own payoff plan).
Features of DebtTracker:
  • Debt Snowball Tracking! DebtTracker Pro can track a payoff plan for your debt, using the popular debt snowball system. Pick one of the built-in payment strategies or customize your own. You can even add an "extra payment" and see how much you can save.
  • For each debt, track the balance, credit limit, due date, payment history and more!
  • Protect your data with a passcode
  • See reminders before payments are due
  • Automatic due date adjustment: If a due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, DebtTracker adjusts the due date to the Friday before.
  • See the ratio of account balance vs. credit limit
  • See the percentage of debt that has been paid off for each account
  • See the total balance of all your accounts
  • Use the currency format of your choice: DebtTracker automatically uses the default currency set for your device, or you can choose a different one from the Settings.
VisualTimer – See how much time is left
VisualTimer is a 60 minute timer with a graphical display that's also incredibly easy to use. To get started, just touch and drag the meter to the desired time and hit the Start button. It's that easy!
Features of VisualTimer:
  • Play a sound and/or vibrate when the timer expires
  • Play a sound and/or vibrate at specific intervals while the timer is running (every minute, every 5 minutes, etc.)
  • Change the color of the visual indicator based on the percentage of time remaining
  • Choose the direction the timer: clockwise or counter-clockwise